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About Us

Strategic Communications with a FEEL lens
Deirdre Breakenridge



Who we are

Reaching today’s consumer and creating brand loyalty requires a unique blend of strategic communications and innovative technology. Pure Performance Communications works with businesses to move their audiences from interest to desired action, using creative communication to foster deeper engagement and to build stronger relationships with stakeholders. To capture the minds and hearts in your marketplace our mission is two-fold; we assess and solve your communications and technology challenges, and we offer you a blueprint for greater awareness, advocacy and customer loyalty.

Pure Performance Communications works in a variety of industries including but not limited to: Technology, Consumer Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Non-Profit, Education, Security and Broadcast. Years of experience, as strategists and IT professionals, working with companies across the globe, has not only given us an in-depth look at communications and collaborative technology, but also the power of fusing the two together for striking results.

Our Services

Strategic Communications

Visualizing your road map to communications with more humanized and customized stories for deeper engagement.


Creating the path to stronger connections through technology that facilitates a more collaborative experience.

Speaking, Workshops, Training

Understanding the fusion of communications and technology through seminars, workshops and training for in-depth organizational learning.

Let us ignite your Strategic Communications.