A Cyber PR® campaign is a digital publicity campaign that gets you prominently featured on blogs, podcasts, and Internet radio stations worldwide, and gives you the tools to supercharge your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles.  Cyber PR® increases your overall online exposure and lays a virtual cornerstone, which works as a catalyst for authentic fan engagement.


Peer Rater PeerRatr is an application that allows you to rate your peers on different topics, by using an Influencer Characteristics Index (ICI) or a set of meaningful criteria, including Trust, Motivation, Industry Expertise, The Give Factor, Passion, A Winning Positive Attitude and the extent of the influencer's network of Social Champion Supporters. With all of the different ratings and scores that surround influence, PeerRatr takes a different approach and involves you and your peers directly in the influence process. PeerRatr digs into individual characteristics that motivate influencers to grow influence in a more meaningful and personal way.


PitchEnginePitchEngine has evolved into a modern publishing platform enabling users to create social and search optimized content that is consumer facing – including digital flyers, press releases, real estate listings and more. PitchEngine’s “Co-op SEO” concept enables brands big and small to experience exceptional indexing in major search engines, while their social integration tools like, Newsroom for Facebook, continue to push the boundaries of industry norms.


Post Planner is the only Facebook scheduler app you can use without leaving Facebook. Schedule photos, videos, links and status updates on your Fan pages quickly and easily.


Tek groupTEKGROUP International, Inc. is an award-winning Internet software and services company that develops solutions for the Public Relations and Corporate Communications industries.  Since releasing the first commercially available online newsroom package in 1998, TEKGROUP has continued to enhance and extend their solution to help provide communicators with more streamlined and automated tools to help with content and contacts management, analytics and media monitoring, distribution, and social media.