Why do you need a good community manager?

During the social media boom, new titles have been created and thrown around – some still around and some not - one which has stuck around is the title, “community manager.” Do you know what a community manager does or why one is important?

A community manager is in essence what it sounds like – someone who manages a community. The difference however, is this community is not made up of rows of homes with a park and a school a lot of us grew up in. This community refers to not just the online presence, but everyone who makes up and interacts with the brand. Every like, every post, every retweet or every comment is someone living in that community. Make sense?

A company should never underestimate the importance of their own community manager because the community manager is choosing how to represent the company digitally. The community manager brings life to typically lifeless objects – companies. Customers – happy and unhappy – love to interact with a company. They love to feel as if they are being heard and that someone is listening; whether it is positive or negative. It gives an average person the chance to interact with a multi-billion dollar, global company.

If everything is going well and all the customers are happy, it is the community manager’s job to keep it that way and make the customers even happier. This can be done by replying to a customer on Twitter or responding to someone on Facebook.

However, if a customer is NOT happy, it is the community manager’s responsibility to address the situation in the same way an employee would in a brick and mortar location. There is one catch though…on social media, there are thousands – possibly millions – of people watching. If the community manager mishandles the situation, it could spiral out of control very quickly. Social media has the ability to make a small problem into a huge problem instantly. If you thought kids were mean and unforgiving growing up, you should see how mean and unforgiving social media users can become.

So while many social media titles have come and gone, the community manager is not one to forget about. They have the ability to interact with customers and personify your company. People like to interact with anything they can. Who likes talking to a wall? No one. BUT…if the wall talks back every now and then? It’s the coolest thing ever! People will not only come back wanting more, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will tell all of their friends about it as well. Don’t ever underestimate the role or a community manager. If you do – especially in the current, digital age – you will certainly regret it.



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