Presenting Made Easy

It’s time…

Your palms are sweaty. Your heart is pounding. Your head may even be lightheaded.  You’ve got to present in front of people.

Presenting is something that gives a lot of people mini panic attacks and keeps people up all night beforehand. But I’m not sure why. It shouldn’t be so scary. It should be a strength. Whether it’s a small group or a large group, whether it’s people you know or people you’ve never met before, there are ways to give you the confidence to rock it.

Be Prepared – Seems simple right? If you are nervous about presenting to begin with, not being prepared is going to get you. Make sure you have your presentation created. You know the animation if you have any. Have a backup thumb drive or have it sent to an email, so if something goes wrong, you are prepared. Know when you are presenting and be early. There’s nothing like running late beforehand. Don’t do it. It’ll be over before it starts.

The Simpler, the Better – If you can’t explain what you are talking about in the simplistic language, you don’t know it well. Even if you are taking about quantum physics (which I know diddly about), I’m sure there is an analogy you can use to make it easier for people like me to understand. Simple language is important, but so are simplistic visuals. You want people watching and listening to you. You don’t want them reading the screen and tuning you out. Need a graph or a chart? Sure. Put it up there, but don’t put a paragraph explaining it – that’s where you come in.

Visualization – Most people will tell you, “Practice, practice, practice;” however, I personally hate practicing over and over again. I rather save my one good performance for the real thing. So what do I do? I certainly go through the presentation over and over again, so I am familiar with it and then I visualize myself talking and presenting. Sounds weird, I know, but I promise – it works!

Be Yourself – This will come with time and confidence, but if you’re funny – be funny. If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be funny. Don’t be scared to show emotion and get into it. People will connect with you if you connect with them. Show them you care about what you are presenting and they will care to listen. People love personality.

Everyone has the capability of presenting. What separates the good ones and the not so good ones are preparation, simplicity, confidence and personality. I promise you.  Presenting doesn’t have to be scary. It doesn’t have to create make your hands sweaty. It doesn’t have to make your heat pound or your head feel light.

Presenting made easy!

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