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Video Interview at the Ragan International Social Media & Public Relations Summit, May 2013

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40Nuggets Interview, Email Marketing with Deirdre Breakenridge, March 2013 Summer Reading List: Social Media and Public Relations, August 2012

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Spin Sucks: Five Ways to Become a PR Technologist, June 2012

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The Bad Pitch Blog: Deirdre Breakenridge on Three Things You Need to Know About Social Media, October 2011

The Holmes Report: Breakenridge to Lead New PR Unit for Pure Performance September 2011

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Internet Marketing Blog Book Review: PR 2.0 New Media, New Tools, New Audiences September 2011

Guest Post: Using your Online Newsroom for IR Compliance & Disclosure August 2011 Business July 2011

GroupHigh Interview: How to Pitch Bloggers June 2011

Book Review: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations May 2011

A Dove’s Flight: National Women’s History Month March 2011

Guest Post Spin Sucks: Five Ways to Create a Social Media Audit April 2011

Webbiquity: The Nifty 50 Women of Twitter April 2o11

Social Media Magazine: Embracing Social Media Measurement December 2010

SMartPR Guest Post: The Hybrid Professional December 2010

PRWeb: The Evolution of PR November 2010

TopRankBlog: The 25 Women that Rock Social Media October 2010

TopRankBlog Book Review: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations September 2010


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