Being “connected” 24/7? No thank you Google.


How connected are you? When was the last time you “unplugged?”

If you are like me, your two answers are probably: a) a lot and b) not in a long time. It seems like nowadays, it is becoming harder and harder to do so. As a society, we crave technology. We yearn for it. We want the latest, fastest and shiniest piece of technology as soon as it comes out. Personally, I can’t live without my smartphone. It keeps me connected with social media, email and oh yeah…phone calls.

Google wants to keep staying connect one step further than a smartphone; they want to create smart glasses! Haven’t seen them yet? Check this video out. Now after you get over the “heck yeah,” or “wow!” expression, please take a moment about how connected we’ll all become. Whenever a status updates happens or you receive an email it’ll pop up right in front of your face – literally. While it’ll be amazing to look out the window and know the weather and be able to see a text and type back by voice command, BUT if this becomes the new norm for society, think about how connected you’ll be.

It’s hard enough right now to unplug with objects you keep in your pocket or bag, but by having a piece of technology over your eye, it’ll be near impossible. Your ex-boyfriend will know you got the text because it’ll pop up in your face. Your boss will know you got that email because it’ll pop up in your face. Your mom will know you saw her post on your timeline because it’ll pop up in your face. See a pattern here? Everything is popping up in your face. Instead of your phone vibrating in your pocket or over on the counter and having the choice of when to check it, you’ll have to respond to everything right away because everyone will know you saw it.

I am a big fan of Google and am always one of the first ones to boast about why Android is better than the iPhone, but I think Google is trying to push too much and causing everyone to be permanently connected. I don’t know about you, but I like being able to unplug, even though it is rare, do you really want it to become harder?

By the way…you think people are too distracted driving with their phones?? Could you imagine people with these glasses?? Oye…

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