Shifting Roles from Communications Liaison to Blogger

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely take off my PR hat; it’s usually “on” no matter what I’m doing.  But, on September 16, 2011, in New York City, I’ll be wearing a different hat. It’s my blogger cap, when I cover the PRSA T3PR Conference.  Twenty plus years ago when I was starting out, I didn’t have the opportunity to switch roles from PR person (the liaison) to the reporter covering the event.  The PR person always practiced PR and helped to facilitate the media coverage and the media person focused on reporting the news that led to the good coverage. Today, the switch is unique, exciting and allows many of us to share our enthusiasm and appreciation for reporting.  It’s also an excellent way to walk in the shoes of our worthy journalist friends, with which we work so hard to build solid relationships.

To truly understand what people go through in the scope of their day, you have to walk in their shoes.  I remember stating in my book, “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations,” that social media allows you to become the people you want to reach.  Well, stepping into the role of blogger certainly makes you understand how to reach bloggers the right way, how to help them build a better story and to understand what they go through in the reporting process.

I’m really looking forward to blogging about the PRSA T3PR Conference because I have a deep interest in public relations and technology.  From what I’ve read so far about the conference, the event has a heavy focus on how to identify and create opportunities for differentiation and offers insight on how brands that are driven by innovation can create strategic public relations programs. I’m looking forward to hearing from professionals including Amy Messano, senior public relations manager, U.S. SMB&D, Microsoft Corp. and Scott Stevens, APR, former vice president corporate communications, Nissan Americas.  I’m also looking forward to hearing what several of the other experts have to say during the “Technology Crisis Digital Age” session.

I’ll be doing a post session article to discuss my findings at the conference and will share the best highlights.  Stay tuned for more about the PRSA T3PR Conference or maybe I’ll see you there!

[Disclosure: PRSA offered me complimentary entrance into their conference, so that I can report to my PR and marketing colleagues on the sessions.]

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