Should You Follow the Millennials? Absolutely.

Within the marketing realm, you always hear about Millennials. While what you hear varies, the simple truth is you need them to become brand ambassadors for your brand. Don’t think so? Below is some data from a study ShareThis conducted about Millennials.

  • 25 percent of Millennials share online shopping content to their social networks – almost four times the average user.
  • When they do share, the content generates 18 more clickbacks per link – 30 percent above the average.
  • 68 percent of 18 – 34 year olds agree that their peers’ social posts are “somewhat likely” (or better) to influence them into making a purchase.

Those are some pretty strong numbers to ignore. If you aren’t targeting Millennials, you’re missing out. While the group is large and you typically can’t target the whole group at once, you can definitely define a niche within the Millennials to target. Once Millennials are on board with you and your company, they will help spread your message for free. Brand ambassadors are a great thing to have because they make your job easier.

However, the first thing you need to do in order to target Millennials, is find them! While everyone knows about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are other social networks to consider. If nothing else, Millennials are trendy and always want to be into the “new thing.” So did we really think they would simply stay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Not a chance. Where else are they going?

Two major social media networks which continue to gain traction are Snapchat and Yik Yak. Never heard of them? Here’s the idea:

  • Snapchat – In the age of where people prefer images and prefer information quickly, the popularity of Snapchat makes sense. This app lets you take a picture or video, write/draw on it, and then send it to someone. One of the aspects which draw people to this network is, once the video is over or the time set you put on the picture you send is over, the photo and video disappear.
  • Yik Yak - It works like an anonymous bulletin board, allowing users to post statements that other people in their immediate area can see. It allows people to share their thoughts anonymously and have other people vote their idea “up” or “down.” They’ve also done a great job targeting college kids by touring the nation to different colleges and spreading the word about Yik Yak.

So what does this mean to you? What can you do to leverage these? First off, make sure you listen. You should never jump into any new social network without knowing what is going on within them. Would you walk into a networking event, not knowing what everyone is doing there? No. So don’t do it here either.

With Snapchat, you can make quick, creative videos and share them with your fans. People love quick, tidbits of info and there’s no better way, than a short creative video. Here are examples of five brands who are successfully leveraging Snapchat.

With Yik Yak, you can use it for research. And in case you don’t know it – research is awesome. Feel free to logon onto Yik Yak and see what people are saying. See what’s on the mind of your audience. This is a great medium to understand your target audience. Have an idea of a new product, event or initiative? Shoot something out, see what sort of reaction it gets. It’s a great, free tool.

Marketing and Millennials are always changing. If you want to stay in tune with what is going on, follow the Millennials. Say what you want, but you want to target Millennials. They can become a driving force for your company. Even if they aren’t your target audience now, they might be one day and you are going to want to be where they are when that happens.



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