Lance Armstrong: The Next Chapter


Lance Armstrong. No matter if you are love cycling or not, you know the name.

You know the foundation.

You know the controversy.

Is Lance Armstrong a fraud? Did he win seven Tour de France races only because he was cheating the whole time? Armstrong and his PR team have continually denied the allegations for years now even when it has seemed pointless. He has stuck to his guns when it seemed it would’ve been easier to give up and admit to it. However, that could all change on Thursday, January 17th.

On Thursday, Armstrong will sit down with Oprah for a one-on-one interview about all of the doping allegations against him. Everyone is speculating he will finally admit to doping during his career and put the acquisitions to rest. What do you think? Do you think Armstrong will confess to Oprah? Would you advise him too if you were his PR team?

Lance Armstrong has been an icon for the last several years. If cycling was more popular in the United States people would realize how big winning seven Tour de France races really is. It puts him up there with legends like Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. Could you imagine either one of those two coming out and saying their whole career was a sham? It takes guts, but I think no matter what, whether Armstrong did it or not, he needs to confess. Yeah, you read that. Even if he didn’t do it, he needs to confess he did. The only way he should stick to his story is IF he has a lot of hard evidence to prove his claim.

At this point, he has absolutely nothing to lose. He’s lost his trophies. He’s lost Nike. He’s lost Livestrong.  He’s been banned for life from the sport he’s loved his whole life. Armstrong is as low as he can possibly go. Why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to change the way things are going and slowly rebuild? The biggest hurdle Armstrong faces is the fact of how long he has denied his use of doping. Oprah will certainly ask him why he took so long and he better have a good answer. Millions of people, through cycling and his foundation looked up to him as an inspiration and role model and a lot of those people feel deceived. However, contrary to the common belief, people are forgiving. As a society, we realize celebrities are humans, therefore make mistakes, but society asks for one thing – honesty.

This goes deeper than just cycling. Armstrong has not only raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer, but he has raised the hope of millions who have been affected by cancer. He showed them that cancer doesn’t have to be the end and you can not only battle the disease, but conquer it.

It’s not going to be an easy climb, but the only way Armstrong will be able to start his ascent back to the top is by coming clean. I hope he and his team take this Oprah interview as a great opportunity to get on the right track.

What would you do if you were Lance Armstrong?


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