Facebook wants you to “want.”


Have you heard the rumors about Facebook developing a “want” button? Well, if you have and the rumors are true, then the “want” button would change the game forever for marketers. By developing a “want” button, Facebook would allow its soon to be one billion users to easily say what they want, which would essentially be a gold mine for marketers.

Facebook wasn’t designed focused on profit, but due their public offering and recent pressures, Facebook needs to make changes so investors buy their stock. The want button finally would give Facebook some hard data about what people want that they can relate to sales. It’s one thing to “Like” something, but to tell the world what you actually want is different. Now, if a brand posts a picture of their newest merchandise, instead of blindly pressing the “Like” button, I can tell the company that I actually want their product.

You “Like” if your buddy gets engaged. You “Like” if someone post a quote that makes you think. You “want” the newest pairs of TOMS. You “want” the newest Xbox game. This kind of information will tell what products their audience is excited about and what they would purchase. Facebook would be able to give this information to companies and marketers. It’s similar to the way companies can get  information from Google query searches.

The “want” button could potentially create huge want lists of users and tell marketers what hundreds of millions of people want at any given time.

In my opinion, I think Facebook has realized the popularity of Pinterest and has thought of way to make money off it. Is the amount of hours you spend clicking on things you want the same way you go around pinning things that pique your interest? Think about how many businesses are using Facebook. Then think about businesses that would be willing to pay for their target market’s wish list. Facebook is sitting on a gold mine right now with this “want” button.

A gold mine that investors will be very excited about.


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