Instagram did what?

Last week, Instagram released its new privacy policy, which had people tweeting and posting in frenzy because they were outraged that Instagram changed their policy to share the rights of customer pictures and comments with businesses, which partner with Instagram.

What does this mean exactly?

When Facebook bought Instagram for a cool billion dollars we a wondered when and how the two would integrate and that day is getting closer and closer. Now we know, come January 16th, (when the new privacy policy takes effect) Instagram and Facebook will be sharing information of their users, including photos, device information and cookies to name a few.

Why would they do this? To make Facebook money…Duh. Facebook is looking for more and more ways to generate money to convince shareholders the company is profitable. This will allow them to learn more about their users, which in return will give advertisers better insight on what users want.

People are firing back at Instagram because people don’t want Instagram to be able to sell someone’s photo to a business and not give the photographer any royalties. Umm…do people not realize this gets done every day? When was the last time you did a Google Image search and then copied and pasted an image you liked into a project, email or blog post? Did you give credit to the photographer or artist? Doubtful.

The difference is that Instagram is telling you they MIGHT take your photos. You know…the photographs you took for fun and weren’t paid to take compared to the professional photographs thousands of people steal without the photographer every knowing. Personally, I would be flattered if someone wanted to use my picture for their business or for their product; however, people these days are always thinking of how they can make money and don’t appreciate the “coolness” of situations.

While Instagram promises to release another privacy policy with updated language to make their intentions clearer, people need to relax. This is simply a move for Instagram and Facebook to legally provide each other with information to create more/better advertising opportunities. In theory this will help the 13-year-old boy get his advertisements for the latest video game instead of an advertisement for the hottest toy for a 5-year-old little girl. Isn’t that what we want? We wish not to see advertisements if we could, but since we do see advertisements, wouldn’t you want advertisements that matter you? So just relax because let’s be honest…you are still going to use Instagram and you are still going to use Facebook.



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